about me

I'm not one to enjoy talking much about myself.

I'm a web developer currently living in Ipswich, working for the web design agency Crafted.

I haven't however always lived in Ipswich, although I knew I was to become a developer from a young age.

I grew up in Geneva and France, despite being english due to my dad taking a position at CERN. It was only when I left home for Leeds Metropolitan University that I actually lived in England.

As a young member of the LDS Church (nicknamed the mormons), I went on a mission in Finland forse two years to share the Gospel and help people. A young man learns a lot in these times and many experiences there have shaped me.

I graduated in Computing after that and started working for Crafted, then named Crafted Media, with some great people. I've learnt a lot in my time here and gained a lot of experience.

I enjoy linguistics, reading, movies as well as sports, especially football which I've played a lot when in France.

I have Crigler-Najjar Syndrome Type 2 and no gallbladder.